Every now and then I see a comment on our Better Life Bag Facebook or Instagram saying something along the lines of, “I could never afford one of these bags”.  And you know why that makes me so frustrated?  Because everyone can afford one of our bags.  Truly.  You can.  Maybe you can’t drop $250 on a bag THIS weekend, but with a little planning and little saving, I guarantee that you’ll have a BLB on your shoulder faster than you think.

We’ve brainstormed 5 ways for you to easily save some extra dough – and you’ll barely feel a thing!

5 Ways to Save graphic

  1. Start carrying cash around and squirrel away every $5 bill that you receive.  One of our employees has a sister who started this in January and she already has over $300 saved.  In less than 3 months!  I promise you won’t miss that $5.  You’d probably just spend it on gum at the gas station anyway.
  2. Again, use cash for all your payments and save that change!  Or – find out if your bank will allow for a “Save the Change” program.  It rounds up every debit card purchase to the next dollar and saves the extra change for your in a Savings Account!
  3. Skip the salon and paint your own nails for awhile.  I started doing this last year after buying this at home gel manicure set.  And I have to say, I’m pleased with the results from it and have loved the extra money and time I’ve saved from the salon.
  4. Ask for a BLB Gift Card for EVERY occasion.  Birthday, Mother’s Day, President’s Day, 4th of July.  Are you a homeschool mama?  Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th.  March 9th is International Women’s Day – and I bet you’re a woman.  Ask for a gift card.  Be bold.
  5. Purge your closet and sell it on FB Marketplace, Instagram, or Poshmark!  I recently decided that I wanted all of my clothes to fit on one small rack in my closet.  Living in our camper, Gidget for 2 weeks in Florida really inspired me to get rid of all the extra stuff that I live with.  Up until now, I’ve been thinking I’ll just donate everything.  But maybe the extra cash would be motivating!

Think about how rewarding it will be when you finally pick your design and hit the “Buy Now” button.  You deserve it!  The old proverb is true… good things come to those who wait.

What ideas do you have?  How have you saved creatively for a Better Life Bag?

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.23.37 PM


Thanksgiving is over and it’s always fun to start the countdown to Christmas.  This year, our daddy is leaving for a 3 week training between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We will be especially happy to see December 25th roll around this year – as it means he will be back home with us.  To help the time pass, we decided to get Advent Calendars for our kids this year.  We likely will start them on the 29th of November so that the kids can see how many days left until Daddy comes home.

Either way, I spent a few hours scouring Amazon for the best Advent Calendars and thought it would be fun to share! I was pretty picky when deciding which ones to purchase.  I wanted them have 24 quality pieces (not stickers to put on a car – like the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar).  And I didn’t want them cost a million dollars.  Most of the ones I found were under $20!  Here’s a roundup of my favorites… but grab the ones you like because the prices start going up and they start selling out as we move to December 1st!

1. Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas

2. Paw Patrol Look-Out Advent Calendar

3. Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

4. Play-Doh Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

5. Barbie Careers Advent Calendar (comes with a full size Barbie on day 1).

6. Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Minis Advent Calendar

7. Despicable Me Mega-Construx Advent Calendar

8. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Advent Calendar

9. Advent Calendar DIY Bead Charm Bracelet

10. Mega Construx American Girl Advent Calendar

11. Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts Advent Calendar


Gifts for Mama.

She peeked her head around the corner of the stairwell to find me.  Glasses off she looks so different.  Her eyes find my frantic bending and raising of a body as I pick up the tornado of the day.  I whip up with a pile of trash, toys, and a loan shoe and see her shyly smile.

“Do you need some snuggles, mama?”

Oh my heart.  No.  I need wine.  And more ice cream.  Possibly a personal assistant.  And most likely an entire new house that I can start over with organizing all the nooks and crannies and junk drawers and closed closets.  So much stuff that never has a real home because I’m in a constant stage of binging and purging with the stuff in our home.

But, I told her no.  I gave her a tender hug where I cup her head and hold it against my cheek a second longer.  I tell her I’m cleaning.  I’m always cleaning.  I tell her with a smile as if to make it ok.

Her eyes quicken with sadness for a moment, but she recovers.  She was probably expecting this answer.  Unfortunately.

She starts to walk up the stairs, but turns to tell me to wait.  She has something for me.

A minute later, she returns with her doll dressed in matching pajamas to what she has on.  She tells me that I can snuggle it tonight.  I smile and wish her off to bed so I can be by myself.  In the quiet.  To clean up the chaos – but never to my full likening.  It’s never clean enough.  Or finished enough.  Or organized enough.

I drop the doll on her back on the cold dining room table and hustle off to the four loads of clean laundry that need folded and put away.  Mentally, I’m going back and forth between all the house projects I want to do so that I can feel at peace when I’m home.  Maybe if we converted the attic into our homeschool room, our days would go better.  Maybe if we got rid of the TV and the devices, my heart would feel good about my parenting.  Always folding frantically just to get everything maintained enough to function the next day.

And I look over at the dining room table.

A new friend has joined my borrowed doll in the matching pajamas.  Her teddy bear is laying next to it.  I see it’s leg peeking up around the belly of the doll from the floor of the kitchen.  She snuck down again tonight.  Didn’t bother to ask me for a snuggle this time – knowing already what my answer would likely be.  So she laid the teddy next to the doll I thoughtlessly set on the table.

Another gift for mama.

I wonder how long she looked at me folding clothes.  Did she look with sadness or longing or anger?

At night, when everything is quiet, it all falls into perspective.  This life is GOOD.  But this life goes FAST.  Soon enough, that girl who gifts me animals and dolls to snuggle in my own bed because I say no to nestling up next to her – she will be grown.  Gone.  These dolls will be all that remain.  With faint scents of that little girl.

So I type these words to remember.  And I head up those stairs to find a sleeping girl tucked away in her bed.  And I crawl in and get real close.  I whisper how sorry I am and beg myself to remember tomorrow that stopping to be with her is the most important task I have on hand.


Wilderness State Park – Carp Lake, Michigan

We pull up at the campground and take a few minutes to situate Gidget so she is parallel to the crashing waves of Lake Michigan.  Every camper’s dream.  Neil unhitches her from the trailer and unlocks her door.  He tosses me a beer and we start the routine of setting up camp.  Kids run wild on the sand of the shore – just as they should.  And I start to relax into the rhythm of natural sights, sounds, and the layer of dirt that covers everything.  He smiles as he starts the fire and I realize how happy we are here.  Home is where you park it.  This is our happy place.  All of the signs that campers place outside their RVs are true.  We sigh deeply and sink into the hammock.

We are two for two.  Two beautiful campsites in two different states.  Either I just KNOW how to pick them or every campsite is just as lovely as the next.  In all seriousness, I do spend hours finding the perfect campsite, so let’s not discredit my apparent Internet research skills.  I’ll blog about what I look for in a campsite someday.

But basically, I just need to find a place where the blue meets the green.  You don’t see that very much in the city.  And as chaotic and fast-paced as camping with kids can be, it’s worth it to look up and see the blue meet the green.

Wilderness State Park is a must-see for anyone heading to northern Michigan for camping.  Quite a few sites are right on the water of Lake Michigan.  I checked in at the gate and he described our property (Site 109) as a beach-front site.  And the waves actually crash into the shore like the ocean.  Makes for a wonderful background sound.  Now – word around the campground and the quaint General Store is that they are closing down the West Campground in 2018 to renovate the bathrooms and facilities.  And the worst news of all seems to be that they are building a fence right on the beach.  I’m hoping this is just a rumor, but only time will tell.  Either way, the sound of the waves and the ability to probably climb over the fence will make the trip worth it again.  When it reopens, Site 112 and 113 are on a corner on the beach and look like they have a larger camping area.

One downside of this trip was the wind.  It was so windy all day and night long.  Since we were right on the water without any barrier of a tree line, we felt the wind worse than others in the campground, I think.  On the East Campground, you can still be on the water, but a little further back and perhaps sheltered from the wind.  Site 66 has a swingset on the beach right behind it.  This might be a good option for next time!

If you aren’t a camp on the water type, the sites in the back of the campground are set in the forest and are amazing and would be fun for the kids to explore in the trees.   To me, the worst sites are the ones in the middle of the campgrounds.  Not close enough to the water, but not far enough into the trees.

Worth Noting…

  • Bring sand toys – any kind.  We’ve used these both trips and I’m so glad that I kept them in the camper.
  • We also were grateful for Neil’s Woobie from the Army.  There’s a reason they issue these to soldiers.  They really do trap the warmth underneath you. And they dry fast and sand shakes right off.  I’m getting a few more for our next trip.  They are also called poncho liners.
  • When you camp with a full moon, the stars are hard to see.  The SkyView app has been our favorite this trip and last for star gazing, though!
  • Brushing our teeth was a nuisance.  Especially without water on site.  I’m going to try and bring these pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes next time. And just keep them in the camper.
  • Our microwave in Gidget actually fell out and crashed into the full length mirror on the outside of the closet door during our trip up.  It totally busted, but we actually decided that we don’t need a microwave and actually enjoyed the extra counter space on top of the mini fridge.
  • The garbage can I linked to in my first camping post was also a bust.  It just takes up space and isn’t really necessary.  I think next time I’ll bring some clear 3m hooks and hang a garbage bag on Gidget outside.
  • The FRESH DONUTS at the Wilderness General Store were SO GOOD.  There was even a children’s book written about them that I bought and will keep in Gidget!

We will totally be back again.  Although, if I end up saying that after every campsite we visit, our list is going to be really long!  About 4 weeks until we head out with Gidget again!


Coles Creek Campground – Carlyle, Illinois

We took Gidget out for the first time this week.  After having to reschedule a camping trip to Northern Michigan last weekend because of Tiger’s tail injury, we were excited to get out and away!

The Eclipse.


Our main reason for heading out this particular week was to catch the Total Eclipse down in the zone of totality.  A short 8 hours away.  I CANNOT do justice with my mere words to how cool that experience was.  I’ve seen partial eclipses before, but when that moon covers the sun completely, something magical happens.  It’s as close to seeing a unicorn as you can get.   The sky goes dark.  The crickets start chirping – poor confused souls.  But my favorite part was the 360 degree sunset.  A literal sunset all around the horizon – in every direction.  Cue the fairies and unicorns and twinkle lights.

Neil and I spent most of the totality time yelling at each other.  He was unfamiliar with the knowledge that you can take your eclipse sunglasses off during the time when the moon is completely covering the sun.  In fact, you can’t see anything through your glasses at this time.  Nothing.  I was begging him to take them off and witness this amazing halo in the sky.  He was desperate to have me put them back on – afraid I was burning my retinas with every lingering second.  He eventually believed me and looked up.  But let’s just say those were some intense moments.  Our poor kids still aren’t sure what to think.

Then the sun peeks out again and a burst of light comes out.  The birds start singing their morning song – sweet little things.  It’s out of this world.   A total eclipse comes again in 2024.  And you MUST go see it.  Find a zone of totality – but get to the middle of it where you can see the moon covering the sun for a longer period of time.  Ours was less than a minute, and it was over so fast!

The Campground.


I spent HOURS looking for the perfect campground with the perfect campsite.  And by golly, I think I found it.  We were on a corner lot overlooking water.  Facing west – which meant we could watch the sunset from our camper every single night.  Sunsets are way better than sunrises – their timing is much more considerate of a tired mama with three kids.

The Coles Creek Campground is a hidden gem.  If you are ever camping in Southern Illinois, this campground needs to be a destination.  We were at site 22.  Highly recommend it.  Besides the waterfront view and the sunset, the lake is lined with rocks and boulders that my kids loved climbing on and throwing rocks into the water.  My only complaint on site 22 is the lack of shade in the evening hours before the sun goes down.  Our awning on Gidget just wasn’t big enough.

The beach is within walking distance, but also an easy drive around a loop.  The water was warm and felt so good during a hot afternoon.  The kids were shocked at the slimy areas of the bottom – typical of every lake I’ve been in in Illinois.  And they laughed at the warm spots we swam through – imagining fish pee.  They spent awhile building sand castles in the sand and chasing the gulls on the peninsula near the boat dock.  If you have a kayak or boat, bring it.  Also fishing rods.  We could see fish jumping and watch sea gulls dive for dinner.

I drove around to scout out some other great spots – just in case 22 is booked next time we come down.  Sites 81-87 looked great – with the prime spot awards going to sites 85, 86, and 87.  They have less space than we did, but great shade and a BEAUTIFUL view of Carlyle lake – the largest lake in Illinois!  These sites also still have a rock border for the kids to play on.  Sites 120, 122, 125, and 137 were also great lake views with shade.  If I’m remembering right, though – all of these other spots would position your camper so the back is facing the lake.  We were positioned parallel to the lake, so the minute we stepped out our door and looked up, the lake greeted us.  No turning of the neck necessary.

Camping Tips.


Being our first camping trip in Gidget, we learned a lot.  But we also did a lot right!  Here’s what we were SO glad we had with us:

  • Outdoor rug.  Ours was 9’x12′ and made of this really great plastic that was soft on our feet, stayed dry even through a rainstorm, and kept almost all the dirt out of Gidget.
  • Our beloved hammock.  It finally made it’s debut outside after spending the first few weeks of it’s life in my living room.  I definitely didn’t get to lay in this as much as I wanted, but one kid took a nap in here and the times I did spend in it were totally worth it.  The stand is also pretty necessary as there wasn’t a tree to hand the hammock from on our site – nor would I know how to tie it to a tree if there were.  We could pull the hammock to the follow the shade after the campsite thanks to the stand.  The stand also folds up for easy traveling.
  • Garbage can.  There was no garbage can on our site, so this was a lifesaver for all the trash we had.  A collapsable one didn’t end up being necessary – we didn’t fold it back down for the trip home.  Just threw it in the camper.
  • Electric Kettle, Hot Plate, and Cast Iron Skillet.  All used multiple times for cooking and COFFEE.
  • These were an awesome purchase.  They were wireless and we hung them inside the camper so we could turn on a light with a normal light switch and illuminate the inside!  I don’t understand how they work – besides pure magic.  Especially because we lost the remote to the only indoor light and didn’t find it until the last night!
  • Neil’s favorite products that he brought were is 550 Cord, 100 mile an hour tape, and his Sog multi-tool.  I’m pretty sure that’s all he thought we needed.  And I will say – they all came in handy.

What DIDN’T work:

  • The globe lights I bought from Target.  I didn’t think about the fact that they were glass, but our awning ended up blowing over on the first night. Mostly due to our mistake of not setting up the ropes in the right way.  But, a few bulbs broke in the crash.  And then when I tried to plug them in to see if the rest still worked, they flashed and died.
  • I had brought these solar powered lights as a backup.  But they were SO DIM.  I love the fact that they are solar powered, so we might hang them on the back of Gidget for a dull light to show her off all hours of the night.
  • Since I had to make an emergency trip to CVS for monthly products (ya know what I mean?), I luckily happened upon some plastic globe lights for 50% off.  They aren’t as bright as the first pair, but brighter than the solar powered ones.  So, they will do.
  • I need to bring these next time to help me hang them up.  It took some MacGyver skills to get them hung this go around. Speaking of MacGyver… I think my kids would LOVE that show.  Is it streaming online anywhere?

We are driving home and I’m already anxious to get back out camping.  12 more days until our next adventure in Gidget!


Meet Gidget!

A month or so ago, a friend of mine posted that they were selling their 1956 vintage trailer in order to upgrade to something bigger for their growing family.  I stumbled upon the post on Facebook and my heart jumped out of my chest and up into my throat.  I couldn’t breathe for a minute as I pictured the adventures we could have pulling that sweet beauty behind our car.  I wrote a simple comment on the post.

“Neil?  YES?!”

And in two short words, that trailer became ours.

We have been saving money in an investment account for 3 years – not sure what it would be for, but knowing that it was a good idea.  College fund?  Down payment on our next house?  Flood insurance?  Never in a million years did I think we would spend some of it on a vintage trailer.  Until we did.  We had exactly the amount we needed in our available cash to easily withdraw and with a phone call and transfer of funds, Gidget was a Smith.

Living in the city leads to craving the country.  Wide open spaces where the green meets blue.  Crickets, bird chirping, deep crowded night skies filled with stars.  We figure Gidget will extend our city-living-life a few more years.

Here she is:

My plan is to update you on our campsites, what we wish we had brought, what we’re glad we did, and turn you all into expert campers along with us!

Here’s to our first adventure!


My DAILY Protest to Love.

For the audio listener and learner – I’ve been recording all of my blog posts.  So you can continue to wash dishes, fold laundry, or just rest and close your eyes while you listen.  I like to follow along with the words while I listen to an author read me what came from his soul.  Tip: click “listen in browser” if you are on a mobile device.  

Despite my best efforts to go dark over the past 7 days, I found myself on Facebook quite frequently.  It was really hard not to know what was going on – especially after I heard our borders were closed on Friday.  And then, like clockwork, I watched the protests, blog posts, news articles, and hysteria follow.

I live in a highly immigrant community.  My business seeks to reach out to and hire women who have barriers to employment – refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers being a high priority.  My neighbors are Yemeni and Iraqi.  My newest seamstress is from Syria.

These are not simply red colored countries on CNN’s graphic to help us visualize this unfamiliar part of the world.

These are my friends.  And their families.  And I’m confused.  And I have questions.  Lots of them.

Who said this could happen?  How were the countries chosen?  What about the refugees.  What about the card holders?  The vetting process?  He’s right to do this.  He’s a pig to do this.  What about our faith?  What about Jesus?  What is my role?  What part do I play?

It all becomes so much.  Like standing on the wrong side of a batting cage.  Dodging fast balls and trying to decipher which ones I need to throw back.  Which side is the right side?  Where do I stand?  What do I do?  I’m so easily swayed.

So, I start walking.  It’s becoming a safe place to think and pound out thoughts as my feet pound the pavement.

I pass protestors at our city hall.  Last year, our city elected the first Muslim majority city council.  It’s not scary to us.  They are not scary.  The protestors all have their signs and I read as many as I can.  One carries an upside down American flag. Should I be standing in the middle of that crowd, too?

The thought comes loud… What if my LIFE was a daily protest?  This works well for my rebellious tendencies and I encourage the thought to keep going.  Keep working itself out.

I pass a group of Arabic high school students returning from their first visit to the local library.  They are carrying “I LOVE the Library” plastic sacks.  Their American teacher walking on the part of the sidewalk closest to the road – a sign of protection.

One oblivious teenage girl crouches down right as I’m walking – forcing me to stop.  I stand – awkwardly – and watch her scoop up snow with her bare hands reaching out behind her curtains of black fabric.  Maybe one of her first times experiencing the cold whiteness.  She catches my eye on her way up and I smile.  I can’t see any part of her – except her eyes – but I know she is smiling.  Eyes can tell so much.

I try to meet eyes when I pass Muslim women while I walk.  Make eye contact to somehow send messages across the air – that I am in this with them.  That I care.   They are so trained to keep their eyes down that I start staring with laser vision as soon as I see them up ahead.  Willing them to look up.  To see my American blue eyes looking back with kindness and compassion and open arms.  To say, I’m sorry.  To say, I don’t love what is happening.  To say, I’m not one of them.

Can a look convey everything my heart is so confused in feeling?  I think it does.

Can eye contact cross language barriers and break down walls?  I think it can.

While Facebook has been loud and jarring this weekend, when I walk the streets of my city, it feels quiet.  Contemplative, but wounded.  Confused and hurting, but not angry.

A daily protest.  I don’t need to be in the crowd holding signs.  I need to be in living rooms, embraced in hugs, and sharing meals with my immigrant neighbors.  These protests don’t have a day, time, and place attached to their flier or Facebook Event.  These protests happen daily here.  Through the generous smiles, curious questions, cross culture friendships, and genuine neighborly community.

Wars are not won in protests or battle fields or courts or Facebook feeds.  They are won in relationships.  On couches.  Through friendships, tears, and laughter.

Go to the protests.  Hold the signs.  Carry that upside down American flag.  The Kingdom of God is pretty upside down in it’s thinking, after all.  But don’t just go home and be done.  Don’t open your computer and start posting the articles and fighting a Facebook battle and call that your contribution.

Protest differently.  Protest daily.  In small, quiet, underground ways that may not be as flashy or newsworthy, but this quiet way makes the biggest impact on the most people.

I’ve been told before that if I don’t speak up – if I stay quiet – then it’s the same as choosing the side of the oppressor.  I disagree.  Make your movements in secret.  You don’t have to post three blogposts and a news article on your wall to choose a side.  The better way – the third way – is to enter into relationship with the affected party.

Jesus gave us an executive order, too.  Love people.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  Make disciples of the nations.

I keep walking and pass an art studio with open windows.  He is drawing intricate patterns on large white paper.  A cardboard sign hangs in his window.  Love lives here, it says.  I send him a silent fist bump as I march along.  Promising myself I’ll stop in someday and make the silent agreement a public nod.  But today, I keep walking.

Let love live here.  In your hearts.  And in your neighborhoods.  And in your homes.  And on your Facebook feeds.

And let that love stretch you.  Look around at the people in your lane.  Do they all look like you?  Believe what you believe?  Eat what you eat?  Sure, love the people in your lane well.  But, put people in your lane that are different than you so that compassion, concern, and commitment can be lived out in true genuineness.  So we can take ideas and policies and assumptions and filter them down to make them work themselves out in the awkward parts of life on life living.

I think this is Kingdom living.  This is walking out what it means to be an Ambassador of Christ.  A representative of the values, principles, and governing laws of a different world.  One where Jesus is on the throne.  One that is coming to set everything right.


I spent my 7 days offline reading two books.  This one from the Inspector Gamache series.  And a new Kindle thriller that has me swiping pages as fast as I can.  When I go #inthequietplace, I make sure to have the Kindle app downloaded on my phone so that when I’m laying down with the kids at night, I can read instead of scroll Instagram.  I thought I would finish both books, but perhaps I was a little ambitious.

We got a little bit of a handle on screen time.  The kids each now get 30 minutes a day and we are using the Kidslox app to “lockdown” their phone after the 30 minutes is up.  I like this because they can still use their “phones” (aka, our old phones) to listen to podcasts or music – which to me are acceptable uses of screens.  But the rest of their apps disappear until the next day!

Speaking of listening.  The kids and I started listening to Little Women this past week on Audible.  We bought the one narrated by Christina Ricci (remember her?) and we are all loving it.  Especially Jonah!  I can’t believe I’ve never read that book.  (If you don’t have Audible yet – use this link to get 30 days free AND 2 free books of your choice!

Well, I’ll see ya on Instagram!  It feels good to be back.


In The Quiet Place

If you are listening via a mobile device and want to follow along while you listen, click “Listen in browser”.

I can feel it happening again.  The tireless comparison that results after spending too much time online.  The fuzzy brain as I can’t decipher what’s real from reality.  The glazed eyes and sore thumb from endless, tireless, scrolling of images.  The dead lifeless well of creativity – sucked dry from watching more than doing.    

I get online thinking I’m going to be encouraged, inspired, and spurred on.  But really.  It ends in despair and deep void for what I appear to lack.    

Every time I get online, a little part of me dies.  The true part of me.  At first it’s unnoticeable.  Exciting even.  Seeing what everyone is creating and starting and making and writing.  What good gifts He gives to us!  What talent.  What passion she has!

And unnoticeable at first, the exclamations turn toward me.  Wait.  Where is my talent?  Why am I lacking passion?  Where is my remodeled kitchen, shiny new car, and well dressed toddler?  Don’t I deserve all that she has?   

Why doesn’t my husband adore me like hers does?  Why do I live in this neighborhood and not theirs?  Where are my friends who anticipate my unspoken needs and come over with coffee and macarons just when I need them?  Where are my good gifts hiding?   

I sound like a spoiled 8 year old child complaining that she has nothing to play with when her room is already exploding with toys. 

And slowly.  Quietly.  It creeps in.  Comparison stealing joy.  Hustle robbing creativity.  Envy choking contentment.  Soft at first – then louder and louder until it’s deafening and I throw my phone in disgust. 

Then I decide to get quiet.  Go dark.  Live in my reality.  Touch faces and hearts and stories in the flesh surrounding me.  Hide from the fast traffic that online life brings.  Pull my virtual car off to the side of the road and start to walk.  Decide that walking is good enough for me.  Because when I’m walking, I can see the gems of goodness on the side of the road.  The lost wedding ring, the silver dollar, the secrets meant just for me. 

I get quiet enough to hear them whispered to my heart.  He has shown me what is good.  He delights in the very person that I am.  My house is enough.  My kids are wonderfully created just for me. 

It’s so loud online.  So much noise and bustle and color and energy.  Inspiring for a moment.  But murdering when taken in without a break. 

If you are a consumer of content online – you need a break from the consumption or you’ll burst.  A time to fast.  Let all that you’ve seen soak in, have time to rise, and bake within the confines of your heart. 

If you are a creator of content – you need a moment to realize that what you say and create doesn’t come inspired from what everyone else is doing.  It comes from the quiet moments of meeting with God.  Of sitting in silence.  Create from rest.  Create from silence.  Create from the depths of who you are inside.  Not what you see.

Did you know it can get so quiet around your house at different moments during the day?  When our phones are off and our kids are sleeping.  It’s deafening and relieving at the same time. 

This Internet is a gift.  A good good gift.  But one that we need to learn to steward and ration. 

It’s what I create in the quiet and secret places that have the most value.  The endless expressions of me.  The heavenly inspiration from Him.  The words I write that never meet the published world.  The thoughts I have that I only share with those around me.    

On Wednesday, I’m going to start my yearly rhythm of staying off the Internet for the last 7 days of each month.  Getting into the quiet place.  Listening.  Creating from silence.  Resting.  Remember and counting the good gifts He has given secretly and solely for me.

Come with me.  Take time away from the highway of chaos and enter into the depths of the quiet country roads.  See what treasures you can find.  And then lets come back together – refreshed, renewed, and ready to keep on going. 


It may be strange to be on the Internet while I’m inviting you to take time away from online, but it is what it is.  I’m doing the last 7 days of each month – to revisit my goals and gear up for the next month.  I’ll also be crafting, reading novels, and binge watching Nashville on Hulu.  Mostly, though, I’ll be relishing in the quiet and connecting in a deeper way with God – without distraction and noise.  You do what works for you. 7 days.  2 days.  All media.  Everything but email.  There are no rules.  Just an attempt to go slow and quiet.  

I’ll be using this graphic below and the hashtag #inthequietplace to leave a standing “away message” on Wednesday on Instagram.  And will post again on February 1st to share any insights or revelations I received while away.  Let’s get small and quiet!  Feel free to grab it and use it as well – you know, so people don’t think we dropped off the face of the earth.  

Here are the two Facebook Live videos that Alissa Keeton with Revelation Wellness did on “Less Internet.  More Intimacy.”
Part 1.
Part 2.  

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